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  • Weber Bicycle Trailer E-Coupling


    The Weber e-Coupling has been developed to fit as many wheels as possible. The patented polygon mounting system ensures that it is mounted on the rear wheel axle in a torsion free way.

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    The Weber e-Coupling has been developed to fit as many wheels as possible. The patented polygon mounting system ensures that it is mounted on the rear wheel axle in a torsion free way.

    Due to the different forms of bikes, these couplings generally do not fit on all bikes. Thicker special polygons are often required for quick-release shafts, special polygons for hub gears or the X12 replacement shifter shaft.

    For safety reasons, a safety strap with metal buckle must be attached to the arm of the trailer when using the E-coupling. This can be ordered as an accessory.

    Included with this item:

    • E-coupling incl. joint piece
    • 1 washer
    • 3 standard polygon inserts (for quick release skewers with 2.5 mm and 5.5 mm thickness and for solid axle)
    • installation instructions.

    The E version is one of the most sold bicycle couplings on the market. The reason for this is, besides the thousandfold proven safety benefits, above all the unbeatable ease of use due to the patented bayonet lock system.

    The clutch versions E, EL and ES have the same way of mounting on the rear axle of the bicycle.

    The E-coupling is the most universal of the three couplings and thus the most frequently used of the three E-versions. With internal rubber buffer damped, it is suitable for transporting loads and children.

    Exclusively for load trailers are the EL coupling (up to 80 kg tensile load) and ES coupling (up to 100 kg tensile load).

    Our couplings are only approved for bicycles and pedelecs (max. 25km/h), not for S-pedelecs or e-bikes from 25km/h! An E-coupling cannot be mounted on rear wheel motors!

    For safety reasons, we generally advise you to have the clutches mounted on your bicycle by your specialist dealer.

    We point out to all dealers and end users that you yourself are responsible for the entire bicycle trailer system and its correct function in terms of product liability!

    Due to the various forms of bicycle dropouts and gear shifting designs, our clutches generally don’t fit all bicycles. Often thicker special polygons for quick-release axles, special polygons for hub gears or the X12 replacement thru axle are necessary in that case.

    Main features of the E / EL / ES – Hitch

    • Compatible with many frame shapes
    • Weber bayonet lock
    • for all wheel sizes
    • for screw and quick release axle
    • for 10,4 mm axles, but also for 12mm thru axles (with 12mm thru axle you’ll need to buy the replacement axle of Weber.)
    • mostly mountable without tools
    • only high-quality, rust-proof materials
    • low weight (192 grams)
    • Mounting on the bike

    The E-coupling is fixed with the quick release, the screw axle or with the replacement thru axle at the left rear dropout. A polygonal insert, which engages in the frame drop-out, secures the coupling against twisting and serves to adjust the angle of the coupling.

    Mounting problems occur with:

    • Rohloff gear hubs with full axle. In this case the Weber ER-Coupling is recommended, if a movable Rohloff drop out is available.
    • Bikes with short, vertical dropouts
    • For tricycles or special bikes please contact the respective manufacturers e.g. HP Velotechnik; Hase Spezialräder; Arved Klütz etc.
    • not usable with dropouts opened horizontally to the rear (e.g. almost all Gazelle models)
    • not suitable for carbon wheels, or with carbon dropouts and carbon rear end

    Technical Data E-Coupling

    • Suitable for unbraked and braked bicycle trailers for transporting loads and children
    • permissible total weight of the trailer: up to 80 kg
    • permissible static vertical load at the coupling point: up to 6.5 kg
    • Weight: 192 grams
    • Plastic materials: glass fiber reinforced polyamide
    • Metal materials: stainless steel, galvanized steel

    Additional information

    Weight 0.192 kg


    Documents and downloads

    Manual and important technical instructions for Weber's E link: Download
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